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''This list is work-in-progress.''
''This list is work-in-progress.''
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*Video conferencing ([https://www.mah.se/medarbetare/For-ditt-arbete/IT-service-for-personal/Vara-tjanster/Kommunikationsverktyg/resfria-moten/ guide SE]) General information to why and what video conferencing tools to use (English guide is not available)
*Video conferencing ([https://www.mah.se/medarbetare/For-ditt-arbete/IT-service-for-personal/Vara-tjanster/Kommunikationsverktyg/resfria-moten/ guide SE]) General information to why and what video conferencing tools to use (English guide is not available) ''See also [http://www.remm.se/ REMM: Resfria/digitala möten i myndigheter]''

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This list is work-in-progress.


  • Adobe Connect (log in) (guide EN SE) E-meeting service, video conferencing
  • Apsis (log in) (guide SE; EN guide unavailable) e-mail marketing service where you create e-mail lists to send e-mails in bulk.


  • Bokningsplattor (guide SE; EN guide unavailable) All rooms that can be booked through Outlook have a "bokningsplatta" where you can see who has booked the room and for how long.
  • Box (log in) (guide EN SE) Cloud storage system where you can store, share and collaborate with colleagues.
  • Browzine (log in) (guide EN SE) A library service where you can browse, read and follow scholarly journals.


  • Canvas (log in) (guide EN SE) Malmö University's learning platform where students access study-related information and communicates with staff and peers.
  • Calendar (guide EN SE) Malmö University staff uses the calendar in Outlook for scheduling meetings etc.


  • DeDu (log in) (guide EN SE) A digital service where staff and students can report technical problems.
  • Doodle A commercial meeting scheduling service that many people use. Not an official Malmö University tool.
  • Dyslexia, see Reading disability tools


  • E-meeting services
  • Eduroam
  • Egenrapportering, se Primula
  • EndNote, see Reference management systems
  • Episerver
  • Extramuep A service accompanying MUEP, allowing for alternative ways to access content and make presentations based on MUEP data in different formats.


  • File storage (guide EN SE) General information on how and where to store and access files.


  • Google Scholar


  • IDService
  • InfoBlox, network management system
  • IT-produkter, inköp och uthyrning


  • IT Support
  • It’s Learning


  • Kronox, see also how to add the Kronox calendar to your Outlook calendar through iCal. NB! Adding Kronox in your Outlook calendar does not make your Kronox schedule visible to your colleagues, which means that you may appear to be "available" when you in fact are "busy teaching".
  • KursInfo



  • Maps All Malmö University buildings pinned on Google Maps, including information on what faculties and institutions are hosted in each building. See also MazeMap.
  • Matlab
  • MAU Play
  • MazeMap An “indoor map" tool where you can locate and get directions to specific rooms within Malmö University. See also Maps.
  • Medieverkstaden

https://www.mah.se/medarbetare/Din-anstallning/Kompetensutveckling/Akademiskt-lararskap-AKL/Medieverkstaden/ Se också till att man vid sökningar på mau.se får träffar när man skriver mediaverkstan, medieverkstan, mediaverkstaden

  • Mendeley, see Reference management systems
  • Microsoft Forms
  • Microsoft Teams
  • MUEP, Malmö University Electronic Publishing (DSpace)



  • Office365
  • OneNote
  • Outlook


  • PaperCut, see Print services
  • Primula
  • Proceedo


  • Raindance
  • Reading disability tools (guide EN SE) Students with reading disabilities, for example dyslexia, adhd or vision impairment, are entitled to access course literature as talking books.
  • RefWorks, see Reference management systems
  • Retendo


  • Schedule meetings, see Outlook
  • SmartBoard – Storm
  • Snow Inventory A system that “Discover[s] devices, software and cloud services on all platforms; audit[s] software installs and track[s] usage"
  • Sunet
  • Sunet survey
  • SwePub


  • Team Viewer
  • Teknikutlåning





  • WiFi, see Eduroam
  • Wordpress