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Glocal classroom is a distance education initiative, a pedagogy (the so-called convergence pedagogy) and a physical location (the room NI:C0502 in the building Niagara) where lectures and seminars are streamed live alongside an interactive chat tool that enables online participation. Glocal classroom enables students to follow lectures and seminars in real time and interact with lecturers and fellow students instantaneously from anywhere in the world.


The predecessor of Glocal classroom is Live lecture, which was developed within the Communication for Development master’s program at Malmö University. This program has since the early 2000s been using internet-based learning and online platforms to make education available to students globally.[1]

During 2013–2015, the Glocal classroom concept was further developed in a collaboration between Stellenbosch University, South Africa; University of Guelph, Canada; Flinders University, Australia; and Malmö University. The project focused on the pedagogical application of ICTs in teaching and learning, not the technical system per se. The project aimed to bridge the gap between web-based learning and conventional forms of education on campus by exploring innovative ways to combine the two.[2][3]

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