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<strong>MediaWiki has been installedThe '''Digitalization Initiative''' (in Swedish, Digitaliseringsuppdraget) studies what incentives and needs Malmö University’s staff have in relation to working digitally, both regarding digital tools and processes.<The aim is to create a strategy for how digitalization can improve the quality of education, research, collaboration and internationalization, in accordance with Malmö University’s [https:/strong>/ Strategy 2022]. The initiative is headed by [ Andreas Jacobsson], Dean of Malmö University's Faculty of Technology of Society.
Consult the [ User==Digitalization Wiki==This '''DigiWiki'''s Guide] collects resources that are central to this work, for information on using the wiki software.example:
==Getting started==* [[Digital tools and services at Malmö University]]* [[Digitalization research at Malmö University]]* [[Examples of how Malmö University works with digitalization]]
==Getting started (for admins)==
*[ User's Guide]
*[ Configuration settings list]
*[ MediaWiki FAQ]
*[ MediaWiki release mailing list]
*[ Localise MediaWiki for your language]
*[ Learn how to combat spam on your wiki]
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