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The '''Digitalization Initiative''' (in Swedish, Digitaliseringsuppdraget) studies what incentives and needs Malmö University’s staff have in relation to working digitally, both regarding digital tools and processes. The aim is to create a strategy for how digitalization can improve the quality of education, research, collaboration and internationalization, in accordance with Malmö University’s [ Strategy 2022]. The initiative is headed by [ Andreas Jacobsson], Dean of Malmö University's Faculty of Technology of Society.<ref>[ Digitaliseringsuppdraget], description on Malmö University's web</ref>
==Digitalization Wiki==
This '''Digitalization Wiki''' (aka the DigiWiki) collects resources that are central to this work, for example:
* [[Digital tools and services at Malmö University]]* [[Digitalization research at Malmö University]]* [[Examples of how Malmö University works with digitalization]]
==Getting started (for admins)==
*[ User's Guide]
*[ Configuration settings list]
*[ MediaWiki FAQ]

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