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Digital tools and services at Malmö University

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*Adobe Connect ([ log in]) (guide [ EN] [ SE]) E-meeting service, video conferencing
*Apsis ([ log in]) (guide [ SE]; EN guide unavailablenot available) e-mail marketing service where you create e-mail lists to send e-mails in bulk.
*Bokningsplattor (guide [ SE]; EN guide unavailablenot available) All rooms that can be booked through Outlook have a "bokningsplatta" where you can see who has booked the room and for how long.
*Box ([ log in]) (guide [ EN] [ SE]) Cloud storage system where you can store, share and collaborate with colleagues.
*IT courses for staff
*IT-produkter, inköp och uthyrning
*IT Support
*[ MazeMap] An “indoor map" tool where you can locate and get directions to specific rooms within Malmö University. ''See also Maps''.
*Medieverkstaden också till att man vid sökningar på får träffar när man skriver mediaverkstan, medieverkstan, mediaverkstaden)
*Meeting scheduling
*Team Viewer
*Telephone services
*Video conferencing ([ guide SE]) General information to on why and what video conferencing tools to use (English EN guide is not available) ''See also REMM: Resfria/digitala möten i myndigheter ([ EN] [ SE])''

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