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The Digitalization Initiative

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The '''Digitalization Initiative''' == Official documents (in Swedish, Digitaliseringsuppdragetrektorsbeslut etc) studies what incentives and needs Malmö University’s staff and students have in relation to working digitally, both regarding digital tools and processes. The aim is to create a strategy for how digitalization can improve the quality of education, research, collaboration and internationalization, in accordance with Malmö University’s [ Strategy 2022]. The initiative is headed by [ Andreas Jacobsson], Dean of Malmö University's Faculty of Technology of Society.<ref name=":0">[ Digitaliseringsuppdraget] description on Malmö University's website</ref>=
==Advisory Board for Digitalization==The Advisory Board for Digitalization sets the framework of what the Digitalization Initative should focus on. The chair of the advisory board is Andreas Jacobsson. Its members include the heads of the University Library, the Communications Department, IT Service, and the director for the Center for Teaching and Learning (AKL). The advisory board works closely to three reference groups, focusing on education, research, and extramural collaboration.<ref name="* Rektorsbeslut:0" /> ==Related regional, national and international initiatives== *[ Det digitala Malmö] City of Malmö's digitalization program, running 2017–2022, which aims, for example, to strengthen democracy and citizen participation, and more efficient public services.<ref>[https:/kv7fxopughwgp1tra8wzsfwzahqmz7i7/ Det digitala Malmö: Program för Malmö stads 280851132257 Uppdrag digitalisering 2017–2022]</ref>*Regeringskansliet: [ För ett hållbart digitaliserat Sverige – en digitaliseringsstrategi] (2017)*RegeringskanslietDnr: [https://wwwLED Nationell digitaliseringsstrategi för skolväsendet] (2017)*Regeringskansliet: [ Nationell inriktning för artificiell intelligens] (2018606); [ National approach to artificial intelligence] (2018) ==Select activities==''Presented in reverse chronological order.''  During 2018, the Digitalization Initiative took part in arranging lectures, seminars and events on the theme of digitalization.<ref>[ Tema: Digitalisering]</ref> *9 October 2018. [httpsRektorsbeslut:// Tjejer lär sig att koda på Malmö universitet]. Part of [ Ada Lovelace Day] celebrations.*8 October 2018. Bildningsbaren #13, "[ Artificiell intelligens, den sista uppfinningen?]" Andreas Jacobsson is part of a panel discussing artificial intelligence.*8 June 2018. [ Reflections on Responsible Digital Societies], with José van Dijck. Part of the Knowledge r8msq7chb7h8ht7gtm90cuc8he6a6fe6 Inrättande och sammansättning av Utvecklingsrådet för digitalisering (Advisory Board for Change lecture series. Also read van Dijck’s essay [httpsDigitalization) (Dnr://knowledgeforchange.mauLED Reflections on Creating Responsible Digital Societies in Europe].*30 May 2018. [ Digitaliseringen: Leder den till ett bättre samhälle?641)] with Paul Davidsson. Part of the Inside the Mind of a Professor lecture series.*23 May 2018. [ Intimitetens digitalisering: Om sexuella normer, delaktighet och dejting på nätet], with Charlotta Löfgren-Mårtenson. Part of the Inside the Mind of a Professor lecture series.*18 May 2018. Digitaliseringens transformerande kraft, with Jan “Gulan” Gulliksen. Including the panel discussion Om digital kompetens och universitetens roll i det digitaliserade samhället.*25 April 2018. [ Digital parenting: How social media helps push the boundaries of being normal], with Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt. Part of the Inside the Mind of a Professor lecture series. ==References==<references />

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