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Virtual meetings (resfria möten)

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'''Virtual meetings''' is an umbrella term used to describe meetings that are done remotely, in real time and through using technology. For example, telephone meetings and video meetings.<ref>REMM – Resfria/digitala möten i myndigheter: [ Definition av termen "Resfria möten"]</ref> Web conferencing is another term that is used to describe meetings that are done remotely.<ref>[[wikipedia:Web_conferencing|Wikipedia: Web conferencing]]</ref>

Malmö University is actively promoting staff to use IT to limit travel.<ref>[ Malmö University: Bidra till hållbar utveckling]</ref><ref name=":0">[ Malmö universitets handlingsplan för antagna miljömål för 2018 (Dnr. LED 1.1-2017/366)]</ref> A web-based course on sustainability for all staff is being rolled out in 2018.<ref name=":0" /> Information of what virtual meetings solution are possible at Malmö University is avalilable at the webpage [ Resfria möten].

The project [ REMM] (Virtual Meetings in Public Agencies) guides the work.

== See also ==

* Trafikverket: [ Guide to Virtual Meetings: A ten-steps tutorial to making virtual meetings an integrated part of your organization’s meeting culture]
* Trafikverket: [ 10-stegsmetoden för en större andel resfria möten]
* Journal of Cleaner Production: [ Green IT in practice: Virtual meetings in Swedish public agencies] – Academic article that discusses how virtual meetings (VMs) can be used as a Green IT-measure in an organization, by analyzing the experiences and results from the REMM project.

== References ==

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